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What’s New in Version 9


  • Improved usability for operators

  • Real-time and quick bin dips

  • Report plant faults for maintenance scheduling

Bin substitutions made easier
When a weigh scale goes to a slow fill status due to running out of material the operator can able to use the bin substitution facility by clicking on the weigher box which will be red to indicate it is in alarm condition. This facility has been completely rewritten to provide a more intuitive interface for operators. Fundamentally the old version would ask a series of questions to ascertain how the operator wanted to deal with the short fall of material. In the new version the operator is presented with full details of the shortfall and several buttons that allows them to quickly select and perform one of the following options:-
  • No substitution - ignore shortfall and move to next ingredient
  • Retry at end - weigh other ingredients required for scale and then retry weighing this shortfall at the end
  • Bin substitution - select another bin on another scale with the same material
  • Standard substitution -select other ingredients to weigh in replacement of the shortfall using a pre-configure standard substitution
  • Manual substitution - manual select other ingredients to weigh in replacement of the shortfall
Bin stock check simplified and live
bin-stock-check2A new facility is provided in version 9 to simplify bin stock checks by allowing the operator to enter a bin dip level in metres from a laser device (or transmit via Bluetooth). The utility is designed to work on a tablet PC so this can be taken to the top of the bins. The system can then instantly and accurately update the bin stock level. Bins are preconfigured with their size and cone shape. The software uses these parameters to convert the bin dip level to a volume which is then converted to a tonnage using the material density.
Assets4Feed gets operator plant fault reporting feature
plant-report-feature2A new feature has been built into AutoPilot4Feed to allow operators to report plant issues to the Assets4Feed maintenance software. This allows non-planned maintenance to be scheduled alongside the planned maintenance. To report a fault the operator simply clicks on the item and fills in a form with the details of the issue. In the Assets4Feed the issues will appear in the maintenance schedule.