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AutoPilot4Feed Version 8 update summary

  • Items have statistics drop down menu option to show number of starts, fails, overrides and running hours in week, month and year.
  • Facility to attach documents to items for easy point and click access from the mimics.
  • New style manual control boxes for speed control
  • Direct Modbus drivers for Danfoss and Altivar inverters
  • Raw material and finished product bins have history button
  • Facility to view raw material orders imported from ERP system.
  • Up to 10 alternate bins can now be selected on intake start.
  • Bins can be assigned as Organic or GM only materials.
  • Default pit can be specified in material definition.
Weighing / Batching
  • Bin substitution can be activated for a number of batches as well as period of time
  • Products have facility to add extra material on first batch only. This allows temperature checking on press start up to be disabled with the addition of an acid to the first batch.
  • Bin rotation facility can be enabled per material to alternate bin usage. This can help prevent hang up of material in bins.
  • Hand additions has improved interface with better clarity.
  • Day program allows 100 character comment
  • Improved in-flight calculation for weigh out scales
  • Grinder energy logged with each batch
  • New improved view batch facility
  • Products can be specified with a default destination (pelleting line)
Press control
  • Updated start press run form with downstream liquids editing facility
  • Press run contamination matrix added in addition to blending matrix
Bulk out-loading
  • Facility to automatically cleanout or hold when vehicle’s GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) is reached.
  • Trucks can be configured with an overload percentage to help ensure finished product bins are emptied.
  • Customer details has new form with trading terms and delivery information.