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Override authorization PIN feature

PIN authorization on weighbridge manual weight entry

This new facility allows an AutoPilot4Feed user form to have certain operations that require a specific security level (i.e. a required AutoPilot4Feed Access Group configured for the user type) in order to proceed. This is useful to get higher level authorization, for example, on manual entry of weighbridge weights in the event of a weighbridge issue.

This allows an elevated security operation to be accessed without having to quit and another higher level user log-in. Instead, a user not configured with the required access group is prompted to enter a PIN in order to proceed.

This 4-digit PIN is generated randomly by a program that can be accessed by a user with higher security clearance (e.g. office administration) and is given to the operator so that they can proceed. This could be performed remotely by the high level access user.

A specific PIN is only valid for one entry. However, the security operation that required the PIN can be configured to work for a certain time – even if the program is closed and reopened.

If there is nobody available to generate a PIN, a supervisor can enter their login details into the program in a similar way to Microsoft Windows elevated privileges dialogue. However, this feature can be switched off if required.