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AutoPilot4Feed Version 9 update summary

  • Audit improved user interface with multiple tabs and quick search
  • User password encryption, colour theme selection, preferred language and full name field
Raw material set-up
  • Archive status facility (will prevent appearing in drop down lists)
  • Modification history button
  • Select weighing order priority for material
  • Enable grain passport requirement
  • Disable use in manual substitution
  • Option to select route to destination where multiple routes are available (as opposed to auto-select by configured priorities)
  • Intake log view improved user interface
  • Enhanced supplier details
  • Material low stock email alerts
Weighing / Batching
  • Feeder parameters history button
  • Scale parameters history button
  • Intelligent multi-dumping to delay discharge on large inclusion until other smaller inclusions have completed
  • Warning if scale tare greater than 10%
  • Bin barring remove access restriction by reason
  • Hand add and Preweigh4Feed improved user interface
  • Bin substitution improved user interface
  • View batch record can now filter by product code, mixer line and batching line
  • View batch record can now search for order number, run number or lot number
  • View batch record can sort by clicking on any column header
  • Formula archiving facility
  • Formula expiry facility prevents production
  • Feeder drainage facility to empty tote bins and update stocks
  • Self-flushing batches for multiple mixing lines
  • Pre-batch facility to split batch in two for treating a bulk material with special liquid before mixing with other ingredients
  • Preweigh4Feed can prepare containers for 2 hand tips
  • Preweigh4Feed integrated with Warehouse Stock Tracking facility
  • Preweigh4Feed has material by material mode
Standard Substitutions
  • Can be activated for a number of batches as well as period of time
  • Activation history button
  • Print and print preview buttons
  • Maximum sub % restriction
Press control
  • Knife change indication, acknowledgement and audit
Finished product set-up
  • Quick link to edit product
  • Modification history button
  • Print button
  • Facility to always require self-flushing batch
  • Additional materials can be selected to add to first batch only
  • Link to product length configuration
Bulk out-loading
  • Option to auto cleanout at vehicle plated weight
  • Option to auto hold transfer route at vehicle plated weight
  • Truck set-up with quick links to haulier and customer set-up
  • Bin barring remove access restriction by reason
  • Support for Vishay, Cardinal, Salter, Lucid X weighbridges
  • Enhanced customer information
  • Sales representative information
Warehouse Stock Tracking
  • Raw material purchase order integration with back-office system
  • Hidden bays feature
  • Messaging system fro fork lift truck drivers
  • Different bag sizes for same base raw material