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Raw material bag stock reconciliation

A new facility has been developed for checking bag stocks and lots, particularly for drugs or expensive ingredients so that their usage and stock can be verified. This would be a regular activity of placing the required bags on a platform scale and checking the stock is correct. The actual stock can then be compared with the theoretical and any differences investigated. Lots can be reconciled or scrapped with full details recorded in the audit log. A reason code is prompted for if the stock change is outside of a pre-configured tolerance.

Manual weighing improvements

A new improved loss in weight mode for hand additive weighing has been introduced in the latest version of AutoPilot4Feed. This involves placing the bag on a platform scale and removing the required amount of material into a container. This technique has several advantages as material can be placed back in the original container without contamination risk and the bag can be check weighed before weighing starts. The system can also now deal with barcoded containers removing the need to print out a label. The previous contents of the containers are recorded and can be recalled.