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How we work

DSL’s products have been developed over many years’ implementing control systems for the feed and grain sector. Our engineers are highly experienced in feed and grain control installations and this is vital to ensure a successful project.

Product development has a continuous improvement plan with new features being added through our experience in different plants and customer requirements. New innovative features are designed with flexibility to meet most mill’s needs. This philosophy creates a solution that brings together the best in practice from a wide spectrum of the feed and grain industry.

Project implementation is performed in line with our ISO 9001 quality system. Generally this is in the following stages:-


Quotation and overall design

DSL’s engineers will study and discuss the customer requirements to suggest how these can be best achieved. For upgrades to existing plants a site visit will provide an understanding of the plant and enable us to advise where the current system can be improved. We will provide you with an overall design with a fixed price.


Detailed design and colour graphics

DSL’s engineers will design the colour graphics layouts and submit these for customer comment and final approval.
A hardware layout and input / output list would be produced, detailing all electrical connections.


Hardware procurement

All hardware is standard off the shelf equipment available worldwide. Purchasing is monitored in line with our ISO 9001 quality system.



DSL’s engineers will configure the control system in accordance to the requirements using their extensive experience.


Office testing

All of our systems have built-in simulation to make testing thorough and highlighting any problems before installation. Our ISO 9001 quality system provides check lists to ensure a comprehensive test.


Customer acceptance test

The customer will be shown the system running in full simulation. Any issues can be discussed and resolved prior to installation.


Operator Training

The built-in simulation means that operators can be trained hands-on with realistic operation either in our offices or on site.


Site installation and commissioning

For a refit / upgrade we normally have one or more checking weekends prior to the main changeover weekend. This then gives you confidence for a short successful installation, minimising downtime.



DSL provides free 24 hour / 7 day support for the first year after installation and thereafter via a support contract. DSL’s design means that there is always built-in redundancy and ‘instant’ remote access in case of problems.

If you are thinking of a new installation or an upgrade to your existing plant, contact DSL Systems today for a no obligation proposal and quotation highlighting all the advantages of a DSL System.