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AutoPilot4Feed Version 9 update summary

General Audit improved user interface with multiple tabs and quick search User password encryption, colour theme selection, preferred language and full name field Raw material set-up Archive status facility (will prevent appearing in drop down lists) Modification history button Select weighing order priority for material Enable grain passport requirement Disable use in manual subs...
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Raw material bag stock reconciliation

A new facility has been developed for checking bag stocks and lots, particularly for drugs or expensive ingredients so that their usage and stock can be verified. This would be a regular activity of placing the required bags on a platform scale and checking the stock is correct. The actual stock can then be compared with the theoretical and any differences investigated. Lots can be reconciled or s...
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May 2020 newsletter

It is inspiring under these difficult conditions to see how well our employees, customers and suppliers are responding and adapting. At DSL we continue to progress current projects and develop the AutoPilot4Feed feed and grain software capabilities. Some of our new developments are outlined further on. In our office we are progressing plans to achieve social distancing for a time when we can move ...
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Coronavirus special newsletter #1

DSL Systems are completely focused on supporting their customers and helping them with the challenges they face with the Coronavirus outbreak. We continue to operate a skeleton staff at our head office with the rest of our employees working from home. A number of issues detailed below have arisen in the last two weeks which are useful to share with our customers and the wider industry. Calibra...
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Override authorization PIN feature

PIN authorization on weighbridge manual weight entry This new facility allows an AutoPilot4Feed user form to have certain operations that require a specific security level (i.e. a required AutoPilot4Feed Access Group configured for the user type) in order to proceed. This is useful to get higher level authorization, for example, on manual entry of weighbridge weights in the event of a weighbrid...
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Intelligent rework addition

AutoPilot4Feed version 9 has a intelligent facility for adding rework back into selected products. The rework material is configured in the product additional material settings with a maximum inclusion. Additional materials in the product are in addition to the base formula. When the product is made rework will be added in to batch at a rate based on the stock level in the rework bin and the m...
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AutoPilot4Feed Version 8 update summary

General Items have statistics drop down menu option to show number of starts, fails, overrides and running hours in week, month and year.Facility to attach documents to items for easy point and click access from the mimics.New style manual control boxes for speed controlDirect Modbus drivers for Danfoss and Altivar invertersRaw material and finished product bins have history button Intake ...
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