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Intelligent rework addition

AutoPilot4Feed version 9 has a intelligent facility for adding rework back into selected products. The rework material is configured in the product additional material settings with a maximum inclusion. Additional materials in the product are in addition to the base formula. When the product is made rework will be added in to batch at a rate based on the stock level in the rework bin and the m...
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AutoPilot4Feed Version 8 update summary

General Items have statistics drop down menu option to show number of starts, fails, overrides and running hours in week, month and year.Facility to attach documents to items for easy point and click access from the mimics.New style manual control boxes for speed controlDirect Modbus drivers for Danfoss and Altivar invertersRaw material and finished product bins have history button Intake ...
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December 2019 newsletter

Season’s greetings from all of us at DSL Systems; we wish you an enjoyable break and a prosperous 2020. Holidays over the Christmas period Please note that our office will be closed for the Christmas period from 12:00 on Tuesday 24th December 2019.  We will re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020. If you have a software maintenance contract or your system is currently under warranty, t...
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Training videos

DSL Systems have produced several AutoPilot4Feed training videos on several topics including cross contamination, weigher filtering, menu system configuration and Assets4Feed. More are planned in the future and we would welcome ideas.  The training video can be found on the following page; https://www.dsl-systems.com/training-videos.  
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DSL Systems celebrate 40 years

In August 2019, DSL Systems became 40 years old. To mark the occasion, DSL Systems' team celebrated with their colleagues from the Feed and Grain industry at the Derek Randall Suite in Trent Bridge Cricket Ground last Thursday.  DSL showcased their latest feed mill control innovations during the afternoon along with historical control systems from the seventies and eighties. DSL's guests also...
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Improved menu system

       MimicMenu is an alternative for the current menus that are accessible from the mimics.  It works alongside the current menu system, but has the following additional features: Accessible from the bottom-left of any screen next to the Windows menu (the button is revealed when the mouse is close enough). Dynamic searching of menu items or their filenames for quicker navigation. Simply...
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Growth brings new team structure

      Following continued growth in business and employee numbers, DSL Systems restructured into a teams last year. These teams are led by Daniel Ashall (left), Paul Colman (middle) and Tim Evans (right). Paul's team looks after project implementation, training, service and support. Within this team is Ben Booth who was appointed in a new front line support role last year. Dan's team look...
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Plan4Feed updates

Truck Allocation facility (new option) Orders can be assigned to trucks (or any other vehicle type) either before, during, or after production, on any day, and on any load. This information is displayed visually, and orders can be moved about or reallocated easily. Truck compartments are also supported. Loads (e.g. first, second, AM, PM, etc). are fully configurable. You can configure permanent...
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RFID tags for user log-in

DSL Systems has developed a method to automatically log users in to a workstation using wearable RFID tags, typically on the wrist. Each workstation is installed with a RFID reader plugged in to the USB port which can have a range of about 1m. Software on each workstation continuously scans for tags in range and will automatically log-in a user with a recognised tag. The user will be automatical...
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