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Whats NEW in version 8

AutoPilot4Feed Version 8 update summary

General Items have statistics drop down menu option to show number of starts, fails, overrides and running hours in week, month and year.Facility to attach documents to items for easy point and click access from the mimics.New style manual control boxes for speed controlDirect Modbus drivers for Danfoss and Altivar invertersRaw material and finished product bins have history button Intake ...
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RFID tags for user log-in

DSL Systems has developed a method to automatically log users in to a workstation using wearable RFID tags, typically on the wrist. Each workstation is installed with a RFID reader plugged in to the USB port which can have a range of about 1m. Software on each workstation continuously scans for tags in range and will automatically log-in a user with a recognised tag. The user will be automatical...
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On-line equipment documentation

A facility to view documentation regarding items of equipment has been developed in the version 8 of AutoPilot4Feed. This is useful to provide quick and simple access to health & safety information, work instructions or manuals from the item on the graphics. The facility is completely user configurable allowing up to 10 pdf documents to be attached to any item. A “View documents” option now ...
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On-line pellet tester

AutoPilot4Feed version 8 incorporates a communication driver for the TekPro NHP300 on-line pellet tester. Through the link AutoPilot4Feed can supervise the unit to take samples from several pellet press lines depending on which are active. The captured values can be used to display the current and average Holmen values on the graphics. The average value is automatically recorded with the pellet ...
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Pop up manual control

A new method has been devised for manually setting variable motor speeds and valve positions for the purpose of maintenance and calibration. Originally these could be manually overridden using a box on the graphics. The new method provides manual control by just clicking on the "Auto" button on the graphics to bring up a temporary pop-up box as above and change the "Auto" button colour from red ...
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Audits viewing improved

The audit facility of AutoPilot4Feed records every event, alarm and operator action on the system. The option to view and find audits is useful to investigate problems to see what happened and the cause. This option had been completely revised for AutoPilot4Feed version 8. It now has the following facilities:- Colour coding for different types of audits Improved filters to help find the ...
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