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PR486A load cell amplifier

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The PR486A connects with a single set of 1 to 4 strain gauge load cells. It supplies 10V DC excitation and amplifies and conditions the resultant
return signal. From this signal and from stored control and calibration data it generates a gross weight signal for display and for transmission to PLCs and computers via its analogue output connection. Includes enclosure.

Technical Data

Model No:
PR486A AC powered.

Power Supply:
Universal fused power supply
85-264VAC, or 12-36VDC (PR486A-D

Load Cell Excitation:
10V DC @ 125mA max, 1 to 4 x 350
ohm load cells may be connected in
parallel, 4 or 6 wire for volt drop
compensation in long cables.

Input Range:
0-20mv min
0-2.5v max

0.2 to 20Hz active low pass.

Up to 65,000 divisions

Analogue Output:
Isolated 4-20mA into 500 ohms max
(or 0-10V) Drift < 5ppm/°C
16 bit resolution

Trip Relay Outputs:
240VAC or 30VDC maximum, 5A rated

DIN rail mounting IP30 protection
140mm wide x 128mm high x 60mm

IP66 encolsure
180 x 180 x 75mm

Operate 0-50°C, Storage -40 to 80°C
20-80% RH, non-condensing.