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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

CMMS4Feed is a web based software system that provides a method of scheduling maintenance tasks to engineers and recording information on all site equipment. It also provides a means of storing supplier information and sub-assemblies in stores.

CMMS4Feed allows jobs to be generated from planned and unplanned maintenance tasks and assigned to an engineers schedule. Engineers can access their schedules from a smart phone which can also access associated manuals and work instructions to assist with completion of the work.

If linked to an AutoPilot4Feed control system, equipment run times and other totals are updated automatically. These parameters or a time interval can be used to schedule planned maintenance. Equipment faults can be reported by the operator using AutoPilot4Feed by simply clicking on the item and selecting the “Report Fault” option which will provide a small form to create an unplanned maintenance task. 

CMMS4Feed also provides reports such as the current maintenance schedule showing maintenance jobs that are due or overdue on individual items of equipment.