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Raw material requirements planning

AutoPilot4Feed has a comprehensive option for material contracts, planning, purchasing and scheduling. MRP4Feed covers all the requirements for animal feed, pet food and similar plants. The system speeds up and organises material contracts, planning and delivery schedules and can even automate selected orders in a more efficient manner.

Materials can be segregated into different groups so that bulk materials for instance, can be planned separately from premixes and medications. Materials can be specified with many default parameters such as default load size, lead time, preferred supplier, auto reorder level and so on in order to make planning simpler and faster.

Material purchase contracts can set delivery schedules to a monthly, half monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily or one off occurrence. Contracts can also specify QC requirements and store other relevant information including scanned documents.

The MRP4Feed planner resembles a large dynamic spreadsheet (see the image on the left), that lets you carry out selection and sorting in any way you prefer. It uses colour to highlight important information. The system looks at actual orders and then predicts remaining material requirements from either recent production or actual production this time last year. It displays contract totals forward as well as actual recent production.  The MRP4Feed planner can be set to look forward anywhere from two hours to 28 days with predicted values in advance, providing the material planners the ideal tool to help them.

MRP4Feed material requirements planner