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Whats new in OEE4Feed


Automatically switch to the new day if displaying the current date on the Plant Summary, Press Timeline, Blending Timeline and Blending OEE pages.


Added the press summary page and filters for product category, press line and shift team on various pages.

Fixed a problem where it wasn’t always possible to scroll through days.


If a comment is added to a press run with poor performance, then the thumbs down image is changed to a blue colour to indicate that a comment has been added.

If the press timeline is showing daily information from the start of the first shift, then also show the summary information based on the same time period rather than 00:00-00:00.

Average run length added to the Shift Summary page.

Allow press line stoppages to be filtered by product category and shift team.

The plant summary and press stoppages can now be filtered using any combination of press line.

Allow the ‘Category’ text to be configurable per site.

Added export buttons, paging and number of items to show to various tables.

The OEE charts have been updated to match the ones used on the plant summary page.

Allow batches or a run of batches to be rejected. Rejected batches will be used in the blending OEE calculation.


Fix a problem with the availability and TPH calculations on the Blending OEE page if planned downtime is being allocated.

Add the press run date/time when exporting product information.


Allow each stoppage main/sub reason to be allocated as planned downtime.

Allow each stoppage main/sub reason to be allocated to a particular department: maintenance, production or process control.

Add filtering on stoppages based on department.